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Chairman's Message

It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Salam Bounian Development Company. Incorporated in mid 2006 as a private shareholding company, with Salam International (SIIL) as one of its main shareholders, Salam Bounian was the answer to the ambitions of its shareholders in the booming real estate world that is being experienced locally and regionally.

In order to achieve sustainable profit and enhance shareholders value the company has managed to select growth opportunities in the real estate business not only in Qatar but also in the GCC and Middle East markets. This strategy has been carefully implemented to diversify the risks and exposure over the various types and modes of investments.

In a very short period Salam Bounian has managed to create for itself a portfolio of unique projects that are distinguished by innovation and pioneering concepts and are being executed at high international building excellence level.

Salam Bounian is a company with great potential that is implementing an ambitious goal and vision looking to new markets and striving to be a major player in the real estate world. I believe that this goal will be achieved not only through unique developments and successful investments but also through Salam Bounian’s strong sense of responsibility towards the societies which it operates in by supporting social and environmental programs thus contributing to the development of these societies while nurturing the environment.

Yours truly,

Issa Abdul Salam Abu Issa